Vision Assistance

Glasses for Needy Oak Ridgers

  • The Oak Ridge Lion’s Club provides glasses for needy individuals who reside within the city limits of Oak Ridge. Qualifying individuals are responsible for obtaining their own eye glass exams/ prescriptions. The Clinton Lion’s Club provides glasses for needy persons in the Clinton area and parts of Anderson County. Other lion’s Clubs meet these needs in their areas according to the procedures established by each club.
  • The Oak Ridge Lion’s Club ask persons to qualify their needs by making application to ADFAC (Aid to Distressed Families of Appalachian Counties) located at 1051 Oak Ridge Turnpike (do not use this address for mail) at the corner of Lafayette and the Turnpike. Their phone number is (865) 483-6028. ADFAC will provide qualifying information to the Lion’s Club. Note that some children are qualified to receive glasses under certain programs of the State of Tennessee.

Recycle your used Eyeglasses

  • Area Lions Clubs, including ours, maintain eyeglasses donation boxes at most of the local optical shops and eye centers, including the optical shop in the Oak Ridge Walmart. If you have a large number of glasses to donate, we can arrange to pick them up. Just use the form on the Contact Us page and let us know how to get in touch with you.
  • Donated glasses are cleaned, sorted for prescription,  and provided to needy persons through various service and mission projects around the world.